Welcome Jeremy & Lindsey Thomasson!


We're very excited!  Today is moving day for new staff family Jeremy "Forklift" and Lindsey "Spurs" Thomasson!  Jeremy served this past Spring at CWR while completing an internship for his B.S. in Recreation and Leisure from University of North Texas.  After both graduating (Jeremy in May and Lindsey in August), they were married in September.  They'll be moving into a small RV at CWR-East until their housing is finished later this winter.

Jeremy will be transitioning into the Director of Retreats role (I'll be training him and then moving into the new Spring and Summer Camps Director position.)  You can begin sending him all your Retreats and Events questions starting next month ;-)

Here's the happy couple showing off their new Camp Wilderness Ridge swag to celebrate on the day they got hired!

We prepared a desk for Jeremy in the Camp Office (a WINDOW SEAT, no less!), including some of the tools he'll need to fulfill his role as the Director of Retreats, such as: bullhorn, machete, hatchet, and creepy and somewhat confusing poster of Jesus that we found in a storage room. Also, I may have offloaded a bunch of file folders too, haha!


Jeremy's new desk, ready for his arrival

We even took a couple of pictures of our happy pre-Forklift staff and put those in a frame on his new desk, just to be extra welcoming (and a little creepy).  Check out those below:

A nice family photo of the pre-Forklift CWR Staff guys

OK, so we got a little crazy with the staff photo...

Please pray for the Thomassons:

  • Transitioning to camp life - getting engaged in the ministry and settling into their temporary housing
  • Provision of their needs - building a financial and prayer support team
  • Lindsey's job search - looking for a local position in marketing
  • Permanent housing - planning and building (volunteers needed)


Yours in Christ,
-Bryan "Taco" Turner