Cypress Bible Church

This was our first time having CBC back on our "home turf", since after the 2011 wildfire that destroyed CWR's original home.  We've been hosting their last 3 retreats at Cooper Farm, who generously opened up their camp to us immediately after the fire.

The focus for the Father/Son Camp was "Known As, For, By" which means they talked about what people are known as, known for, and known by.  They talked about how sons frequently have a desire to stand out or be known in their world, but the best possible thing any of us could be identified with is Jesus Christ.

They learned that as followers of Christ we are known...

  • As a child of God
  • For our love for one another
  • By God Himself

It's an important message for both young and "old" today.

We had a great weekend with PERFECT weather!

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Also, check out the video on our YouTube channel: 

Yours in Christ, 

Bryan "Taco" Turner