Staff Prayer Update: The Turners

Newsletter & Prayer Update from Bryan "Taco" Turner, Camp Wilderness Ridge Director of Summer Camps and Marketing

Hi From the Turner Family at Camp Wilderness Ridge


Hi Friends,


We are ready for Becca Riley to come!

Last Wednesday, we were sitting in an exam room at the Austin Area Birthing Center, nervously awaiting the third attempt to help manually turn Becca Riley around. She had been in "frank breech" position for the last couple of months, but not for lack of us trying to get her to turn! Claire has been doing all of the exercises, stretches, hot & cold therapy, chiropractic care, and every weird, zany method women have used in the last hundred years, in addition to the two previous painful "manual version" attempts.

Just after Claire had been given a shot for the pain and to keep contractions from starting, our doula, Denise Goad (also wife of a CWR Board of Directors member), came in and we prayed together. We finished our quick prayer just as the doctor came back in, and he went right to pushing on Claire's belly. We were completely shocked when within two minutes and after very little effort, the doctor looked at us and nodded. We looked confused, and he simply said, "It worked!" and he had me grab the ultrasound transducer because his hands were holding Becca's head down. It was very cool to get the opportunity to operate the ultrasound machine and be the first person to see a picture of the position of her precious, little body.

We live on faith

We prayed for God to help Becca turn when it seemed she wouldn't, and He answered. But we also know that sometimes he answers prayer differently or on a different timeline than we expect or prefer. We spent time together discussing and meditating on how God can still be good when we don't get what we want or when times are rough.

That's the same faith that we live every day in camp ministry. In the months since Summer Camp ended, God has answered prayers over and over, by bringing many new groups (every weekend has been full!) for us to serve and share the love of Christ with. He's also provided incredible groups of volunteers to complete work projects and staff retreat weekends, as well as the financial support needed to keep His ministry running at Camp Wilderness Ridge. We are honored to take part in it!


  • PRAISE: We've been able to take part in supporting and advancing the ministry of many churches and para-church organizations over the last month.
  • PRAISE: Since we've had so many college groups on the weekends, Bryan has been able to get a head start on recruiting Summer Camp staff.
  • PRAISE: Becca finally turned and we can give birth at the Austin Area Birthing Center (cheaper & less complications than C-section and generally much preferred by Claire)
  • Becca Riley is due this Sunday (November 16)!!! Pray she is healthy and we are good parents.
  • Pray for financial peace and provision - It has been a rough couple of months with unexpected medical expenses, but God is good!
  • Pray we find more financial partners who will commit to supporting us in doing Jesus' ministry at CWR - We fully rely on monthly ministry support from partners like you!

We ask that you pray about how God will use you to come on mission with us at Camp Wilderness Ridge, and we'd love to hear from you when He responds. Please also let us know what's going on in your life and how we can pray for and serve you! 

Yours in Christ,
Bryan & Claire Turner

Maternity Photos of Claire

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Thank you for praying for us!