Still time to sign up for our Summer Staff Reunion & Christmas Party weekend!

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions:


When should I arrive?

  • Please feel free to arrive anytime after noon on Friday. We will have activities going on all day Friday. Lunch for those here early on Friday will be at 1pm, and dinner on Friday is 7pm.
  • If you are a parent of a SALT under driving age and have difficulty getting your SALT here for the weekend, let me know, as we may have someone else coming from your area.


What's the schedule look like?

  • We're still going to keep a few things as surprises, but here's the overview:


FRIDAY (Arrive anytime after noon)
1pm: lunch & hanging out @ Cafe / prepping the pig-roasting pit @ Amphitheater
3:30pm: secret, awesome, fun, brand new activity @ Lake Pavilion
5:30pm: open activities & hanging out @ Cafe
7pm: dinner @ Cafe

8:30pm: Tacky Sweater Contest, White Elephant Gift Exchange, other merriments


8:30am: breakfast @ Cafe
9:30am: Service Project in Low Ropes Area
noon: lunch @ Cafe
1:30pm: open activities @ Lake: Skeet-shooting, secret activity, fishing, basketball
6pm: PIG ROAST dinner @ Cafe
8pm: Worship & Bible Study

9pm: Polar Bear Swim & secret activity


8:30am: breakfast @ Cafe
9:30am: Worship & Chapel
10:30am: games tournament
noon: bag lunches @ Cafe
1pm: pack up & head home


How do I get there?

  • You will be arriving at our Staff/Maintenance Entrance at 1320 Park Road 1C, Smithville, TX 78957
  • We do not recommend using GPS as it is frequently inaccurate. For turn-by-turn directions, please checkout the attached file.


Where will I be staying?

  • We have bunks available in both of our indoor, heated bunkhouses and the open-air cabins. Your choice of bunk: first come, first serve. You can also choose to tent-camp in the villages, and we can even supply the tents.


What should I bring?

  • Sleeping bag or blankets and a pillow
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (Good chance of rain Friday, clear & high of 59F for Sat & Sun)
  • Swimsuit (yes, we are doing the Polar Bear Swim on Saturday evening)
  • Tacky Sweater (We recommend making your own -
  • Old or new item(s) for White Elephant Gift Exchange (Please do not spend more than $20 on this! You can wrap your gift or put it in a gift bag. We'll have extra gift bags for those who forget to wrap. More info on White Elephant:
  • Fishing gear if you'd like to fish
  • Shotgun if you want to your your own for skeet-shooting (1) MUST CHECK IN IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL, (2) MUST BE UNLOADED, (3) WE MUST KEEP ALL FIREARMS IN CWR GUN SAFE.
  • Cash, check, or credit card if you haven't paid yet

What if I want to come for more days than I signed up for?

  • GOOD! Just come, and we'll sort out the details when you get here.


What if I haven't signed up yet OR I want to bring someone who hasn't signed up yet?

  • AWESOME! Bring as many dudes as you want! Please email or call and let us know that we should expect more people for meals.


Yours in Christ,

Bryan Turner
Director of Spring Break & Summer Camps

(432) 553-8289

Camp Wilderness Ridge
1320 Park Road 1C
Smithville, TX 78957
(512) 237-4442

Summer Staff Reunion & Christmas Party
from 25.00

(All Past AND Potential Summer Staff Welcome -- That means invite your friends who might be interested in working at Summer Camp in 2015!)

December 19-21 (Friday through Sunday)

$50/person for the whole weekend

$35/person if you can only make the Saturday festivities

$25/person if you can only make it for Friday night

Price covers all food, accommodations, activities, and special gift from CWR to you.

Click to RSVP