HCBC Pf Father/Son Campout

We had an awesome weekend with Pflugerville. Thanks to everyone who volunteered! (If you're interested in helping out at a retreat, we are looking for volunteers for March 7-9, see wildernessridge.com/volunteer)

This was a great group to have as the first retreat that I was officially in charge of. It was very interesting to learn about the many Pflugerville families that have been coming to CWR for 10 years or more, and to hear their stories. Their focus for the weekend was all about fathers taking advantage of the time with their sons, which is really cool, because sometimes it's easy to come to a retreat to get away from all the distractions, and then get really distracted by a busy camp schedule. We had time for lots of fun activities (see the video below), but Pastor Chuck Leyden made sure to tell the dads to be focused on living in the moment with their sons. Very cool.

- Jeremy "Forklift" Thomasson

Music from TheResponse, used by permission. Spring 2014 Father/Son Camp for Hill Country Bible Church Pflugerville at Camp Wilderness Ridge in Smithville, TX. For more info, visit: http://wildernessridge.com