Midweek Woodsman II: Tues-Thurs photos

What a great week at camp!

After five action-packed days, this morning we're ramping up for our final challenge: IRON CABIN! Cabins will work together as a team to complete a 10-part obstacle course that includes stations like canoeing, fire-building, scripture memory, archery, tomahawk-throwing,  and more!

Well, we're thankful that Tropical Storm Bill turned out to be less than expected! I'm sure if you're a parent you were watching the weather radar all week. If looked closely enough, you probably noticed that every time a storm front moved through, there was a little hole right above Camp Wilderness Ridge. There's some natural reasons for why this seems to happen every time, but I believe there are supernatural reasons as well. Thanks for your prayers this week!

Check out photos from the last few days below.

Yours in Christ,

Bryan "Taco" Turner
Summer Camp Director