Open Seasonal (Summer) Positions

Summer Camp is an exciting time here at Camp Wilderness Ridge! Wouldn't you like to be a part of that? Our Summer Staff age requirement is from 13 to 99 years old!!! If you fall into that category, then we’d love to talk to you about serving with us at CWR.

Ready to apply? Applications will open soon for the 2017 Summer Staff.


Info about serving at Summer Camp


SALT at Staff Training 2013


All staff and volunteers MUST attend some form of training. If you are a volunteer and cannot commit to the week of Staff Training, please contact Bryan ASAP to work out details for online training.

Servant-Leaders (over 18)

During interview, let us know which of the following you are able to commit to:

  1. Staff Training Week -- Sunday, June 4 through Friday, June 9
  2. Online Training -- Must be completed before the week you are serving



  • SALT Development Week -- Sunday, June 4 through Friday, June 9
  • Four weeks of Woodsmen and Ranger Challenge Camp (June 11 thru July 7)


Attendance is mandatory, but exceptions to complete the training online can be made for volunteers who can only give up one week of the summer.


If you have any questions, e-mail

Compensation & Benefits

All Summer Camp Staff age 16 or older are eligible to receive compensation based on the Guaranteed Minimums & Target (the SALT Program and Servant-Leader Staff info packets can be downloaded at the top of this page) if they meet all of the following job requirements:

  1. Participate in raising ministry partners.*
  2. Commit to at all 5 weeks of Summer Camp: Staff Training, Woodsman I,II,III & Ranger Challenge I.
  3. Maintain good standing as an employee

Guaranteed Minimum

This means if you meet the eligibility requirements, you’ll be guaranteed at least this amount on your paycheck at the end of the summer, even if no one responds to your ministry partner letter.

  • SALT (16-17): $750 for all five weeks
  • Servant-Leaders (over 18): $1000 for all five weeks

Target amount

This is the maximum amount of financial support you’re shooting for. Remember, there is no limit to the number of contacts you can send your letter to.
Any funds that come in for your account above your Guaranteed Minimum will be added to your Guaranteed Minimum and paid to you as compensation up to your Target amount.
We are required by tax law to establish the Target for Support Raising as the maximum amount of compensation an individual raising their own funds may receive. Any gifts over your Target amount will be shared with your fellow staff to help them reach their Target.

  • SALT (16-17): $1,750 for all five weeks
  • Servant-Leaders (over 18): $2,500 for all five weeks

Other Benefits:

  • Meals & housing are covered, plus no driving to work! (A.K.A. taking home more money than you can at a “real” job.)
  • Free stuff: staff t-shirt(s), water bottle, etc.
  • Staff of the Week awards.
  • Plus, you’ll experience huge spiritual growth, personal challenge, a band of brothers, & memories that will stay with you for a lifetime!
  • Not to mention that you could make a big difference in a camper’s life that would last for eternity!

Reward Week

We have tentative plans to take an adventure trip for eligible staff working all five weeks of the summer:

  • One week at an off-site location
  • A relief from the heat of Central TX
  • Previous activities have included hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, white water rafting, and sight-seeing in a cooler climate!

(There may be a $150-200 fee to help cover costs, but it is a great deal as it covers transportation, housing, all meals, all group activities, and some rental equipment.)

Final plans will be available by 12/31/2016


STEP 1) Read the Summer Camp Staff Info Packet - To get a good picture of what's involved in working at Summer Camp.

STEP 2) Apply - Fill out the application at

STEP 3) Complete Reference Forms - Send out reference form (attached to Summer Camp Staff Info Packet) to 1 work reference and 1 personal/spiritual reference. If you are too young to have work references, please send it to someone who would be able to objectively evaluate your work ethic and strengths/weaknesses.

STEP 4) Interview - We'll set up an in-person or Skype interview. (Even if you've worked at camp before. We want to catch up with you and see what's changed since last summer!) Do your best to present a good representation of who you are. (Don't be fake!)

STEP 5) Commitment Letter - If offered a position, read over the Commitment Letter, make sure you understand everything you’re committing to, pray, then send us a reply via email.
You will receive an email from asking you to create a login and complete your health profile. This is a secure website that only a couple of full-time staff people have access to to protect your records. If you are over 18, this is also where you give us your personal information so we can complete a background check.

STEP 6) Background Check - Double-checking state/federal criminal databases (over 18 only), references, and driving record (only certain staff).

STEP 7) Send Letters - Participate in the ministry partnership process by writing and sending your ministry partnership letters to at least the minimum number of contacts based on page 10. For more info on how to write and send letters, see page 12-16 the Commitment Letter Packet.

 STEP 8) Training - We’ll see you in June! Make sure you clear your calendar for any training dates that we ask you to attend. If you are unable to schedule the week of Staff Training off, please contact Bryan ASAP to work out details for online training.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.  Thanks, and I'm looking forward to serving with you!

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Neil Kenagy
Operations Manager, Forest Glen Springs