June 2013 Newsletter

CWR Family,

CWR Summer Camps – Who can you send or invite? Register Now! and Share!

Week #1 – 7 boys became followers of Christ Jesus! Praise God!!!

There are still openings to come to Camp Wilderness Ridge (CWR) this summer 2013. You can go to: Summer Camp 2013. CWR Summer Camp is a fast-paced outdoor adventure experience designed to develop leadership, teamwork, service, responsibility and trustworthiness. Our purpose is to lead boys to Christ Jesus through Bible explorations and discussions in the midst of God’s creation.

The price for Woodsman (boys ages 7-12) and Ranger Adventure Camp (guys 13-16) is only $375. Camp capacity is 48 campers per week. The 3 acre lake provides fishing and canoeing. Spread over the 135 acres is archery and marksmanship ranges, GaGa Pit, 9 Square in the Air, High and Low Ropes elements (Commando Bridge, Climbing Wall and dual zip lines plus “The Screamer”) and several low ropes elements too. Also swimming, hikes, Outdoor Wilderness Learning (OWL) Center, plus challenge events and group games nightly keep our campers on the go!.

From our website, share the summer camps information with family, church family, friends and neighbors, teammate families, etc.


Summer Staff Needed

Servant-Leaders (men 18 to 99 years old) primary function is to lead a group of eight campers with a SALT’ee, serving and leading them which would include Bible explorations, devotions, and prayer time. Encouragement and participation in activities throughout the day is another part of a Servant-Leader’s responsibility. We need help in the kitchen to assist the Cook prepare meals. Other summer staff needs are as follow: Worship Leader, Videographer, Photographer, Lifeguard (16+)

Please email Shawn Hammer at shawn@wildernessridge.com or phone 512-237-4442 if you are interested or know someone that might be interested. Go to: Work at Camp! to learn more and to access staff application.


Alternative to Boy Scouts of America

Anyone looking for Christian focused organization that motto is “Winning and Training Boys for Christ”? Christian Service Brigade (CSB) introduces boys to Christ and then disciple them, helping them grow strong in the Lord. Working with local churches across North America, CSB encourages men to lead programs for boys. CSB also offer opportunities for your church to minister to the families of the boys who attend. Sixty year advocating Biblical Manhood through Servant-Leadership in the name of Christ Jesus. Several months ago the Board of Directors of CSB approved new Vision and Mission statements for the ministry;

Vision: Godly Men Who Serve, Lead and Disciple Each Generation.

Mission: Building Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow.

These are strong and powerful statements of what we see as God’s call for this ministry – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

One of the struggles this ministry has faced for many years is that of being cast as a “children’s ministry”.  That simply is not the case and never has been the case.

CSB is about equipping, encouraging and engaging men ?in ministry to young men and boys.

As men of God we must live passionately.  We must understand that we are at war for the future of our families and our churches.  To turn the tide, men as Christ-followers, must passionately know God, passionately serve Him, and invest passionately in being reproducing spiritual fathers.

The challenge and opportunity is to leave a legacy in the lives of young men and boys.  I truly believe this is the greatest failing of men in the last several generations.  We have missed a central truth and central role given to men by their Creator;
As Men of God we must see as one of our primary responsibilities the discipleship of young men and boys.  We must invest in building up the next generations of godly men, godly husbands, godly fathers.  The godly men of today must leave a legacy of godly young men who passionately serve the Lord and can lead in family, church and community. (Wilderness Ridge was founded as a CSB camp in 1988.)

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses ?Entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others. II Timothy 2:2 (NIV)

Please prayerfully consider leading, encouraging or joining a movement to CSB. Learn more at the CSB: www.csbministries.org


Camp Wilderness Ridge is a REAL Camp:

  • Reject Passivity
  • Expect the Greater Reward, God's Reward
  • Accept Responsibility
  • Lead Courageously


We pray that 2013 will be the year in which God receives great glory through our lives!

Ron Hunt (66),
Camp Director

(512) 237-4442