February 2012 Newsletter

Help needed to rebuild Camp Wilderness Ridge


“With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

Mark 10:27

Camp Wilderness Ridge–West at 855 Park Road 1C was our home for 25 years. We expect over 85% of that property (pine trees, grasses, foliage, etc.) has been killed by the fire. We want to limit the use of this property for about 3 years to see what happens. We will plant seedlings, native grasses and wild flowers as recommended by Texas Forestry Service. However the lake (3 acre pond) area still has grass and trees that survived and we have taken measures to control erosion runoff (ash, debris, soil) into our lake. In addition we plan on rebuilding the High Ropes Course (zip line and rock wall) in the general area where it stood before. We will use this area during camp this Summer.

Camp Wilderness Ridge–East at 1320 Park Road 1C is the location where we will have the Camp living quarters, activities (archery and rifle ranges, low ropes challenges, kitchen and dining areas, Chapel, game field, restroom and shower areas. This will allow the rest of the CWR–West property to heal.

At CWR-East there is much to get done. We’ll have to do more some places than others. First, thank you to the groups of people that have helped with projects like cleaning and clearing areas, building prototype bunk beds, a portable GaGa Pit, etc. while we waited for a resolution on the deed question.

We need one person to be the Project Manager for each of the following projects. If interested, contact Shawn Hammer by email.


We need groups to sign-up to do projects like the “build a cabin in a weekend challenge” or offsite build items (bunk beds, benches, etc.) at camp or somewhere else then deliver them to campsite. In a few days project packets will be available at www.wildernessridge.com to download.

A calendar will be published with a work project schedule. We have several groups that are coming at different times to work. Many groups have chosen to come sometime during March 10 – March 18 public/private school Spring Break. Contact Ron by email to notify us of your interest in serving us.

We’ve got a little over three months to get it done! We need your help!

Shawn Hammer appointed as the new 
Assistant Camp Director!

When Shawn was asked about still coming after the wildfire’s impact on Camp Wilderness Ridge (CWR) he answered “As a family, the Hammers believe that God directed us to this camp ministry with the fire “in mind.” Our confidence in God’s direction comes through many small confirmations; from God’s past influence, people, prayer, and from walking the grounds of the camp. God has left many wonderful reminders that He is still in charge and doing great things at the camp through the items left undamaged by the fires. The Board of Directors and Camp Director also believe that God is bringing the Hammers to serve this ministry through the Camp Assistant Director position.”

The Hammers: Shawn, Krista, Wyatt-9, Isaac-7, Leah-4, Clara-2.

Summer Camps 2012

Camper registrations are coming in so make sure to get the session you want by registering as soon as possible! Details on Summer Camps are available here. You will save $40!

Question: Who can your son invite to come with him that needs to hear and witness the Good News of Jesus the Christ?

Summer Staff Opportunities

We need you this summer!! Go to: “Staff Opportunities” for job descriptions, qualifications, and staff application and instructions. Dad & Son (15+) teams welcome…lead a cabin of 8 campers together! Even if you’re over 90 years old we can use You!

2012 Spring Campouts/Retreats

All Campouts and Retreats will be held at Cooper Farm on the weekends. We need volunteers to come serve with us serve. Click here to see the Spring Retreat schedule. Contact Sandy Hunt by email.

Please pray for Camp Wilderness Ridge (CWR)

    1. Praise for the rains…may He keep it coming! Our sincere thanks for answered prayer.
    2. Pray about what God would have you do, and for our needs to be met. Only God knows whose live(s) you will impact with your gift.
    3. Praise for Shawn Hammer joining our staff and for God’s protection and provisions for him and his family.
    4. That Summer Camps 2012 be filled to capacity each summer session (48 campers) 288 campers for summer.
    5. That Summer Camps staff be large enough to fill each position needed each week.
    6. That each staff member meets their financial target amount so we can focus on the tasks necessary for 2012 Spring Campouts/Retreats and Summer Camps.
    7. For scholarship funds for campers and summer staff
    8. For funds to build camp facilities
    9. For a Christian young man who is considering full-time service on the CWR staff and intern application under consideration.
    10. For God’s direction, holiness, wisdom and unity for the CWR Board of Directors and staff so that all decisions and actions bring Him honor and glory.

Though he slays me, yet will I trust in Him. Job 13:15

Spread the Gospel; the time is short! Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,

Ron Hunt, Camp Director


Camp Wilderness Ridge new physical address is 1320 Park Road 1C, Smithville, TX 78957, just 2 miles east of our property at 855 Park Road 1C, Smithville, TX 78957. We will use both sites this summer: CWR-East for main camp and CWR-West for canoe activities, fishing and high ropes challenges. Our mailing address is still P.O. Box 1025, Smithville, TX 78957.