January 2012 Newsletter

Though he slays me, yet will I trust in Him. Job 13:15

We’re ready to follow our Lord Jesus the Christ wherever He may lead us in 2012. Praise God! We now have 118 acres for at least 3-5 years to be our main camp, which we are calling Camp Wilderness Ridge – East. Utilizing this property will allow us to conveniently continue use of areas of the original camp (CWR – West) that are suitable for activities and leaves the rest of the property to heal.

We’ll spend the next five months preparing and rebuilding the property for the 25th year of summer camps at Wilderness Ridge. Let me interject here…that it is the faithfulness of people like yourself through your prayers and financial generosity that has made it possible for our camping ministry to continue. I know that God is pleased!

We have a lot to get done…

construction: 6 camper cabins plus SALT cabin, a teaching and worshiping gathering spot, swimming pool with fence and deck, archery and rifle ranges, clearing for field games, craft shed, nature center, fencing around the property, tree cutting (saw milling lumber), grounds clearing, wood debris clipping, restrooms, showers, life guard station (at CWR-West lake area) etc. …refurbish: kitchen area, existing restroom/shower, staff housing, infirmary, etc.

Work project opportunities are available Monday thru Saturdays from January through April or as needed in May. Day workers are welcome…let us know you are coming at least 5 days in advance. Spring Break which spans from Saturday, March 10 to Saturday, March 17, you can be a part of an “Extreme Makeover” style experience to complete several building and land preparation projects.

We are looking for groups to take on a project to complete. They will receive a building construction project package with drawings, instructions, and bill of materials with a mutually agreed upon completion date. We are harvesting lumber from dead pine/cedar trees which is having a positive impact on building material costs. Can you put together a group(s)? Total cost of materials with or without saw milled lumber will be provided. Your group can finance your project but that is not required. Keep watching our website: www.wildernessridge.com for availability of project packages. Please pray for God’s provision for all the human and financial resources we need.

Also we will be serving churches Father/Daughter or Son campouts at Cooper Farm on the weekends, Spring 2012, so we will need volunteers to help us serve them.


Last month we stated that “Only God knows whose lives you will impact with your gift. Please pray about what God would have you do, and for our needs to be met.”

Please pray for Camp Wilderness Ridge (CWR), as follows:

    • Gentle and continuous rain. Note: Our sincere thanks for answered prayer.
    • Praise for our new Assistant Camp Director, announcement notice coming soon.
    • Summer Camps 2012 be filled to capacity each summer session (48 campers) 288 campers for summer.
    • Summer Camps staff enough to fill each position needed.
    • Trial (started 1/9/12) on 2009 wildfire to have the right judgment.
    • Each staff meets their financial target amount so we can focus on the tasks necessary for 2012 Spring Campouts/Retreats and Summer Camps.
    • Financial needs…scholarship funds for camper and summer staff…funds to build camp facilities
    • A Christian young man that is considering full-time service on the CWR staff and intern application under consideration.
    • God’s direction, holiness, wisdom and unity for the CWR Board of Directors and staff so that all decisions and actions bring Him honor and glory.

As you head into the New Year, we leave you with this blessing: We ask God to give you wisdom and a spirit attuned to His will. We pray that you will live well for our Lord. We pray that you will have all the God-given joy-filled strength you need to persevere in the beautiful work He has for you. May you be full of thanksgiving to the Father because He has set you in the Kingdom of His Son, Jesus. Author Unknown

Ron Hunt
Camp Director