June 2014 Newsletter

From a parent:

Woodsman-I finished and Woodsman II going forward.  We received this note on Saturday which sums up the week and what Camp Wilderness Ridge (CWR) is all about.


Hello CWR:  I have just said one final good night to Truett - and he had this big goofy exhausted smile on his face.  I just had to write tonight and tell you all that we are so thankful we found CWR.

Truett was a non-stop storyteller since the moment we saw him at camp this evening - we've heard it all:  late night Tower games with crawling counselors wearing headlamps; "find the counselor games" with some crazy point scheme based on banana and cookie monster costumes, and how each scrape and bug bite was proudly earned through some manly man activity.

Most of all, we heard our son recite Bible verses that get at the heart of being a Christian.  We sent him there praying that he would be touched, that he would see these cool young men sharing God's Word and that his heart would be opened and his faith would be strengthened.  Already Truett has told me how he believes more than ever in God's power and love, how the video you showed about the universe - and the size God was able to create - amazed him.  He wants to show me all he learned and where he found it in the Bible.  He really HEARD you - and God through you.

This was Truett's first time away at camp, and it could not have been more perfect.  Seeing you all and the camaraderie you share, I know you kept them safe and fed and inspired.  Thank you for everything - especially to Ben, Stephen and "Tennessee."

Get some rest tomorrow - and have a great summer! 

We'll see you next year!
Amber Compton

Woodsman – 1 Video:  www.wildernessridge.com/woodsman-1 

We have camper spots in the July Summer Camps.  Please help us fill camp!  Is God putting someone on your heart that would benefit from being in His nature and in a Christ-centered environment of camaraderie, challenge, and enjoyment?   Who can you invite to go to Summer Camp at Wilderness Ridge???    Send people to www.wildernessridge.com/summer for details and to register.  God has provided scholarship aid too.  Scholarship information contact:  Ron Hunt, ron@wildernessridge.com or call:  512-554-5074.  

 Come serve with us @ Summer Camps!!!


The rebuild of origin site of CWR update…

Metal pavilion erected on the new slab was completed June 6th.  Construction of the internal structure which includes restrooms with showers, plus a serving kitchen and general storage area begins early July.  The financial breakdown of the project is shown below.  We have over 50% of the funds to build the internal structure…just $12,640 would put us over the top. 

Project Breakdown

  • Slab Removal - Paid by "in-kind" donations
  • New Slab $28,000 - Paid by special gift
  • Metal Pavilion Structure $19,556 - Paid by insurance funds
  • Interior Structure: Restrooms, Serving Kitchen & Storage $26,640 - Current gifts received: $14,000
  • HVAC Unit (optional) $3,300 

Please be a part of this historical event make a donation…no gift is too small!  


Please pray with us for Camp Wilderness Ridge (CWR), as follows:

  • Fill the open spots at Summer Camps in July.
  • Thankful for the rains…please keep the rains coming.
  • Meet Financial needs:…staff financial partners to meet monthly targets or provide special gifts
  • Financial gifts or donations to build the restrooms and serving kitchen under new Pavilion
  • Full Retreats/Campouts/Conference 2014 Fall calendar, and that each will be well attended.
  • Dads to be excited about coming to the 1st Father and Son Camp (11 year old & up), Saturday, June 28 through Wednesday, July 2.
  • God’s vision, holiness, wisdom and unity for the CWR Board of Directors and permanent staff so that all decisions and actions bring Christ Jesus honor and glory.  Next Board Meeting scheduled for September 13, 2014.
  • Protection from spiritual attack for all that come to CWR
  • Hammer family as they adjust to Elsa Mae born April 1st.
  • Baby Turner to continue growing in good health.   


Help us! Form a small or large group to come perform one of the following work projects:

  • Railings around our new Welcome Center.
  • Complete the cleaning of the last parameter section of the camp property
  • Ranch wire fencing (not barbwire) installation around the camp property
  • Retaining wall on one side of the new Pickleball Court
  • Apply new stain to “Ber Kletke” Memorial Gazebo

Contact Shawn Hammer, Assistant Camp Director, shawn@wildernessridge.com or 850-218-3534 get additional information on these projects.  We have “packaged projects” available also.