Downloads that may be helpful: 

2015 Summer Camp Brochure

Summer Camp Parent Packet
(Check-in/Check-out Schedule, Packing List, Directions to Camp)

Medical Release <-- will be handled through our registration page - When registration becomes available, be sure to complete your camper's Health Profile!


Camp Contacts:

For general Summer Camp questions, please contact:
Summer Camp Director Bryan Turner at or (432) 553-8289.

For questions about registration or balance payments, please contact:
Summer Camp Director Bryan Turner at or (432) 553-8289.

For camper scholarship assistance questions, please contact:
Operations Manager Kenagy at or (512) 237-4442.



What is CampDoc and why do I have to sign up there? is our online system for registration and electronic health records. This system will help us consolidate and secure necessary camper information. The security, confidentiality, and privacy of your camper’s personal health information will always be protected. Only Camp Wilderness Ridge's nurse and director-level staff will have access to camper health/personal information, and the site is secure, encrypted and password protected.

Once you sign up for a account, you will be able to register your camper, select a session and pay your deposit online. You will then receive additional information about how to complete your camper’s health profile. You will receive periodic notifications from if you have an outstanding balance or have not completed required health information.

When you sign up for multiple camps (or other events like Spring Break), your information will remain saved so you don't have to enter it in twice. And when next summer rolls around, you just have to log in and verify your saved information for any updates. Simple, safe, and secure!

What do I have to pay to sign up?

You do not have to pay in full to sign up. To secure your spot at Summer Camp, you must at least pay the deposit ($80 for Woodsman/Ranger Camps). The remaining balance is due before or at the time of camp check-in (beginning of your week of Summer Camp).

How do I make payments?

After registering and making your deposit payment at our registration page, you may log back into your online account at any time and make payments of any amount using a debit/credit card or checking account. You may even set up automatic payments to make withdrawals, which automatically end when your balance is paid in full. The CampDoc system will automatically send periodic notifications if you have an outstanding balance or have not completed required health information.

If you would prefer to make payments by mailing a check to our Main Office, send it to:

Camp Wilderness Ridge
c/o Forest Glen Springs

57 County Road 331
Rosebud, TX 76570


Do you have Scholarship funds?

Yes, we do have scholarships available for all Summer Camp weeks, based on need. Please contact Neil Kenagy at or (512) 672-9999 for information.

Do you have discounts?

Yes, we do have discounts available. You must have a coupon code and it must be within the valid redemption dates. However, they apply only to the balance of camper fees; the full deposit amount is still required.

Please visit our Summer Camp Discounts page to learn more:

Is there a sample schedule of what a week at camp looks like?

Check out, and there's a sample schedule from last year in the middle of the page.

Where do the boys shower?

We have two showerhouses which are both boys-only for the duration of the summer. Campers and staff shower during separate time slots. The stalls are private (not group) with a curtain for each stall, and multiple boys are never allowed to be in the same stall. All of our staff are trained thoroughly on Child Abuse Protection, and are careful to maintain appropriate boundaries for each individual.

Where do they eat?

We have a very nice cafe with a restaurant quality kitchen. We can accommodate to any allergies or dietary restrictions. If the weather is bad, the boys eat inside the dining hall, otherwise they eat on the cafe patio, which is covered & has excellent ventilation, so it's a great spot all summer long. One thing I want to mention about our mealtimes is that we use the time as a bonding experience for their cabin & a chance to practice good manners. Campers must sit with their cabins & work together to set the table & pass out food. Our counselors ask everyone at the table to speak kindly to one another and use "please" & "thank you."  

What do you do for mosquitos?

You might not believe me when I say it, but in truth mosquitos are not much of an issue! We have no standing water on the property where our cabins are as well as excellent breezes across camp, so it is rare that campers get bit by mosquitos. Additionally, we distribute bug spray to the counselors so they may let campers use it within reason. (Some parents do choose to pack bug spray or bug bands or other repellent, and this is fine!)

Are there pictures of the camp grounds?

Checking out our videos from last summer and the photo galleries which can be found at:

Will campers swim in any creeks or rivers?

No, not for Woodsman Camp. The Ranger Challenge Campers swim in the river during their 2-day kayaking trip on the Colorado, but only during known safe sections, only under supervision, only in a group, and only while wearing personal flotation devices (PFDs).

There is also swimming in our lake within a limited space near the dock and only while Lifeguards are on duty. All campers must wear a PFD at all times.

Do you have horses?


Who is in charge of my camper?

Two Senior Counselors (adult Servant-Leaders) will be paired with each cabin of eight young men. Servant-Leaders are chosen because they are committed to always strive to reflect God in everything they do. One of our recent Servant-Leaders put it this way, “My lifestyle is a testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Will my son have to participate in everything?

While our programs are meant to take young men out of their perceived “comfort zone” and into their "stretch zone" where learning and growth actually happens, we will keep them out of their "panic zone." We realize that not every young man is an athlete or a performer. Our entire staff will be monitoring campers during activities, games and free times. No one will ever be pressured to participate in any activity in which he feels uncomfortable. This program is about meeting personal challenges of the individual, perseverance, accomplishment, and team building.

Can my son make a special request for a cabin roommate?

He may request up to two cabin mates of the same age range on the registration form. The request must be made in advance, and with mutual consent of both parties. Parents Note: Please consider that if your son is with the same friends he is with all the time, he may not feel the freedom to be himself. Also, groups of three or more buddies tend to alienate other cabin mates.

How do I communicate with my son while he’s at camp?

Campers may not keep any cellphones (or other electronics) while at camp. Campers enjoy getting letters and cards in the mail while at camp. In addition, we provide a free e-mail service for you to send email to your son during his week but communication is only one-way, so he will not be able to respond. You may send emails to with your camper's name in the subject line. Please, no phone calls to your camper. Even the most content camper will feel a sense of homesickness after a phone call from home. In the event of an emergency, please call the Camp Office at (512) 237-4442.

Can I send a care package to my son?

Certainly! Campers love getting something from home, but remember he’s only here a week. We do a quick check on the contents of any care packages: Please DO NOT send gum, food, drinks, fireworks, candy, or silly string. We appreciate your help in this, as food or drinks draw critters and ants into the cabins. Items that may come into use during the week are preferred, like a journal & pen with ideas of what they could report home on, a small flashlight, sunglasses, etc.

You are welcome to leave care package(s) on the first day of camp (preferred), or mail to 557 County Road 331, Rosebud, TX 76570. Many parents will indicate which day of the week they want their package(s) delivered. While campers do enjoy letters, please be aware that too much detail can create homesickness. Keep them short and positive!

What about spending money?

This year’s camp price already includes the Summer Camp t-shirt, reusable water bottle, and daily afternoon Canteen snack (Gatorade, one sweet, and one salty item). However, we will allow campers to bring a small amount of money (no more than $25) for purchasing other CWR camp store items such as t-shirts, hats, bandanas, sunglasses, stickers, glow-in-the-dark wristbands, and other clothing items.

What should my son pack for camp?

A detailed list can be downloaded by clicking here. Just remember, the most important things are clothes that can get dirty, socks, closed-toe shoes (two pair), swimsuit, toiletries, bedding (sleeping bag is recommended), pillow, etc. Mark all items with his last name.

What should my son NOT bring to camp?

Snacks and other food items, CD/MP3 player, cell phone, Gameboys or other electronic games, guns, bows & arrows, or anything expensive or illegal. If these items make it to camp, they will be taken to the camp office and returned to a parent or guardian upon departure. Illegal materials will be reported to the police department.

What will you be sharing with my child in your Bible messages and quiet times?

Through morning devotions, daily Bible Study, skits/dramas and campfire gatherings, we will share a variety of stories and lessons from the Bible with an emphasis on manhood. At least once during the week we will present the Gospel, which means that we share with campers that God loves us and wants a relationship with us (John 3:16), we are all sinners (Romans 3:23), Jesus came to save us from our sins (1 Timothy 1:15), and all we must do to be saved from our sins is to put our trust in Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9). We do not pressure campers to make any spiritual decision.

Do you have Scholarship funds?

Yes, we do have scholarships available for all Summer Camps, based on need. Please contact Camp Director Neil Kenagy at or (512) 672-9999 for information.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Deposit payments are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another session within the same year. They may also be transferred to another camper or donated to our Camper Scholarship Fund.

No refunds for no-shows.