Get Involved – WORKDAYS Results

Because many people got involved summer camp make “ready projects” were completed. Campers enjoyed the facilities prepared for them.

Some of the Projects Completed during workdays are shown below.

Now there is fire pit (completed May 14, 2022). It’s surrounded by the benches built and placed April 9th.  The campfire pit is the gathering place, each evening, to perform skits, to praise and worship, and to hear a message from the chaplain. 

Wall tent 16’x16′ cabins erected on campsite.  The three tent cabins are outfitted with 5 bunkbeds to accommodate 8 campers and a Servant-Leader and SALT Junior Counselor.   

Summer Camp 2023

First structure on campsite, completed March 5th.

The Pavilion was the first building project on the campsite, completed March 5, 2022.  We’re thankful for the 22 people that participated, at various times, over 5 workdays to complete this 20′ x 32′ dining hall and snack time rest area “lean to”.

Low Ropes Course

Bryan Turner
has engineered, and managed the construction of the CWR Low-ropes course to insure accuracy and safety. The course offers: TP Shuffle, Spider Web, Trust Fall (pictured below), The Giant’s Finger, and The Beam. Trolleys element is available.


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