Camp Wilderness Ridge (CWR) is a traditional, non-denominational, boys and young men camp age 7 to 17.  CWR sits in a 70 acre forest which is a part of a 300+ acre ranch.  Looking for great Servant-Leaders for great summer camp jobs who want to have a fantastic summer and make a difference in boys’ and young men’s lives.  We strongly believe that “SUMMER CAMP IS ABOUT THE STAFF, NOT THE STUFF.” This means that even if we have great programming and activities, it’s really the staff that makes the difference.  CWR Summer Camp is for boys (ages: 7-12) and young men (ages: 13-17), founded in 1987.  

“Camp Wilderness Ridge exists to change the world through the leadership of R.E.A.L. Biblical men.”

R.E.A.L. Life with Jesus the Christ                                                R.E.A.L. Biblical Men…

Reproduce disciples (Matthew 28:18-20)                                        Reject passivity (Romans 12:2)

Esteem God above all (Mark 12:30)                                                 Eternal perspective (Revelation 22:12)

Announce the Good News (Luke 24:46-47)                                     Accept responsibility (2 Corinthians 16:13)

Living for others (Mark 10:45)                                                          Lead courageously (Joshua 24:15)

Most of the Summer Staff are Servant-Leaders (counselors) for a cabin of 8 campers.  Those men are a blend of graduated high school men (18+) plus men that have some open time during the summer such as teachers, and men that are willing to take time off from work to come serve for a week(s). If you want to grow in your walk with Christ, make lasting friendships and lifelong memories, Summer Staff is where it’s at…and you’re not to old to join us.  Certainly there are other staff needs:  Program Director, Chaplain, Worship Director, SALT Director, Health & Safety Director, Media Coordinator, Lifeguards (15+).  Young men (ages:  14-17) may apply to be a SALT’ee (Servant And Leadership Trainee) for a minimum of two (2) weeks.

Summer Staff – Application Process

√   STEP 1 – INTEREST: Tell us you’re interested! Drop us a line at: Then we’ll send over the Application and Summer Camp Employment Packet.

_  STEP 2 – APPLY: You pray & obey, if God says go, then fill out the Application, otherwise do whatever God is leading you to do.

__ STEP 3 – REFERENCES: You send out the two Reference Forms (attached to this packet) to the personal/spiritual reference and work/professional reference that you listed in your Application. If you are too young to have work references, please send it to to someone who would be able to objectively evaluate your work ethic and strengths/ weaknesses.

__ STEP 4 – INTERVIEW: We’ll set up an in-person or Skype interview. Do your best to present a good representation of who you are. (Don’t be fake!)

__ STEP 5 – BACKGROUND CHECK: Double-checking criminal databases (over 18 only), references, and driving record (only certain staff). HOW TO APPLY: Online at: If you would like a paper version of the application, contact us at the info below.

__ STEP 6 – COMMIT: We’ll let you know either way. If you receive an Commitment Letter, read it over, make sure you understand everything you’re committing to, pray, then sign and send it back.

__ STEP 7 – CELEBRATE! Woohoo! You made it! You’re going to be a leader, servant, hero, counselor, and friend!

__ STEP 8 – TRAINING! We’ll see you in June! Make sure you clear your calendar for any training dates that we ask you to attend.

You can make a big difference in a camper’s life that would last for eternity!

Summer Staff Qualifications

• All SL & SALT positions: Must be male because

we are an all-boys camp. There are some volun-

teer or hourly positions for women. Please con-

tact us if you have any questions.

• Passion to know Christ more and make Him

known to others. (Phil. 3:8)

• Desire to be a leader through serving all.

(Mark 10:45)

• Desire to live in community and work toward

becoming a highly effective team (Phil. 2:1-5)

• A man of good character. (Titus 2:12)

Staff Info

Servant-Leaders (SL) / Adult Volunteers:

18 years or older by June 1st

SALT (Servant And Leadership Trainee):

13 (by June 1st) to 17 years old

SALT encouraged to apply for two Woodsman Camps and are welcome to serve during the Ranger Challenge.

SALT Training: TBD

• Flexibility, patience, and sense of humor.

(Phil. 4:11-13)

• Willingness to learn from leadership and

obey instruction. (Prov. 19:20)

• Ready to work hard, as unto the Lord.

(Col. 3:23)

• Desire to experience God’s incredible creation

through living and serving in the outdoors.

(Psalm 19)

• Drive to help train up the next generation of

young men. (II Timothy 2:2)

• Desire to experience God’s incredible creation

through living and serving in the outdoors.

(Psalm 19)

Camp Sessions 2024

Boys ages: 7-12 years old

  • Woodsman – June 9-14
  • Woodsman – June 16-21

Young Men ages: 13-17 years old

  • Ranger Challenge – June 23-28

Compensation & Benefits

All the positions at Camp Wilderness Ridge are “support raised” (faith-based), which means staff are asked to build a prayer and financial support team.  Basically, you let people know that this is a mission trip where you’ll sharing the love of Christ with campers, and ask them to “pray & obey” whether God would have them join your team by committing to pray for you and/or to make a tax-deductible gift to support your ministry.  The two best approaches are word of mouth and old fashioned mailed letters.  We will give you all the resources you need and walk you through the process.  It might sound scary, but actually it’s really cool to trust God and watch Him work.  WE’VE SEE IT HAPPEN OVER AND OVER!  

Faith-based ministry.

Support Letter Minimum for SALT: 30
Support Letter Minimum for S-L: 40

Choosing To Not Raise Support:

All Summer Staff must send at least their support letter to the minimum number of contacts (see above) to meet all the job expectations of working at Summer Camp (i.e., to get a paycheck). While we highly recommend that all staff attempt to raise a support team, some staff every year choose to treat their work during the summer as a volunteer opportunity. Some of those have sent letters asking people to give to Wilderness Ridge’s scholarship or general fund further the CWR mission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SALT under age 16 pay $150 for each week they are at camp, but if they send the minimum number of support letters out, the $150 is waived. The money received as a result of sending your letters goes towards covering the $150 per week.

Guaranteed Minimum

Servant-Leaders (SL): $300/week

SALT (16-17): $150 /week

This means if you send your minimum number of support letters, you’ll be guaranteed a paycheck for the amount shown above or greater.

Targets for

Support Raising

SALT (13-15): $150 /week – (3 wks max: $450)

SALT (16-17): $300 /week – (3 wks max: $900)

SL: $500/wk – (3wks max: $1500)

Any funds that come in above your Guaranteed Minimum are credited to your account. This the maximum amount of financial support you’re shooting for. Remember, there is no limit to the number of contacts you can send your letter to.

Staff Benefits:

You’ll experience huge spiritual growth, personal challenge, a band of brothers, & memories that will stay with you for a lifetime!

  • Meals & housing are covered, plus no driving to work! (A.K.A. making more money that you can at a “real” job.)
  • Camp T-shirt(s), & water bottle

Not to mention that you could make a big difference in a camper’s life that would last for eternity!

Staff Positions

Each staff person is expected to set an example of Servant-Leadership.


(1 per week)
  • Reports to Summer Director.
  • Develop messages based upon Bible Curriculum.
  • Present message during nightly Circle-up.
  • Be available for spiritual conversations especially mealtimes.
  • Float around throughout the day.
  • Help uncomfortable or troubled campers
  • Spiritual compass for staff

Servant-Leader (Counselor)

(1 per Tent Cabin per week)
  • Reports to Summer Camp Director
  • Be a godly “father-figure” & campers & Junior Counselors.
  • Lead cabin Bible explorations twice a day.
  • Manage camper behavior in accordance with camp rule: escalate issues per guidelines.
  • Stay with camper 24 hours a day during camp session
  • Raise prayer & financial support team (see Compensation & Benefits section)

Health & Safety Officer

(1 per week)
  • Reports to Summer Camp Director
  • Reviews each week camper medical forms
  • Provides Foodservice Director a list of campers that have food allergies with explanation provided on medical form and parent notes.
  • Responsible for collecting and administering camper & all staff & SALT’ees medications.
  • Give a short presentation on good health practices while at camp (hydration, washing body, sunscreen, identification poisonous plants, snakes & spiders id & practices, etc.) and emergency procedures & protocols
  • Train staff on emergency procedures and protocols

Foodservice Director

(1 per week)
  • Reports to Summer Camp Director
  • Plans menu for each meal.
  • Track inventory of food on hand.
  • Orders food & supplies for the week based upon budget.
  • Manages the foodservice operation to insure meals are ready by the scheduled time.
  • Daily Bible exploration with Kitchen Crew
  • Raise prayer & financial support team (see Compensation & Benefits section.)

Lifeguards (minimum age 15)

(2 per week)
  • Reports to SALT Director
  • Will cover up to $300 for lifeguard training & certification
  • Ensure safety at any water related event.
  • Responsible for the care of kayaks, paddles, and lifejackets.
  • Raise prayer & financial support team (see Compensation & Benefits section.)

Kitchen Crew

(2-3 per week)
  • Reports to Foodservice Director
  • Prepare and serves meals
  • Assist with dishwashing & clean-up duties as needed.
  • Do what it takes to have the meal ready to serve as scheduled.

Program Director

(1 per week)
  • Reports to Summer Camp Director.
  • Front man for the entire camp (M.C. for everything from orientation to awards).
  • Organize skits & informal games.
  • Maintain high energy with a focus on weekly theme and overall purpose of Summer Camp
  • Drive the schedule to keep camper teams on task.
  • Raise prayer & financial support team (see Compensation & Benefits section)

SALT Director

(1 per week)
  • Reports to Summer Camp Director.
  • Manage Operation & Activities Team Leads
  • Manage Lifeguards
  • Lead daily SALT meeting
  • Oversee daily SALT lead Bible explorations
  • Reinforce training and SALT purpose
  • Address any issues with SALT’ees
  • Raise prayer & financial support team (see Compensation & Benefits section)

Worship Director

(1 per week)
  • Reports to Summer Director
  • Choose music based upon camp theme
  • Lead worship team
  • Prepare worship song lyrics sheets
  • Ready to help as or where needed.
  • Raise prayer & financial support team (see Compensation & Benefits section.)

Media Coordinator

(1 per week)
  • Reports to Summer Director
  • Implement strategy for media & marketing
  • Coordinate taking photo & video of camp activities
  • Compile weekly recap video, cutoff is 12:00 noon on Fridays, deadline 5pm
  • Be willing to assist with other tasks if at all possible
  • Raise prayer & financial support team (see Compensation & Benefits section.)

Check-in / Welcome Team

(3 Volunteers per week)
  • Reports to Summer Director
  • Front line with arriving parents – Hospitality
  • Coordinates luggage transport by SALT’ees
  • Direct parents to camper check-in area.

“Camp isn’t about the STUFF

it’s about the STAFF!”


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